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The rules of Texas Hold’em:

To learn how to play Texas Hold’em poker online, you can practice with Pokerbuddy365 and get your skills improved. However, if you are already familiar with the game, then just follow the following instructions:


In Pokerbuddy365, “the color”  indicates which player is the dealer for the current game. Before the game begins, the person sitting clockwise to the button becomes the “Small Blind” and the player sitting immediately clockwise to this person, becomes the “Big Blind”, which is generally twice the size of the small blind. But the blinds keep changing as per the game structure.

In LIMIT GAMES, the big blind is the same as the small bet and the small blind is half the amount of big blind. For eg., in a ₹4 limit game, the small blind is ₹1 and the big blind is ₹2.

In POT LIMIT/NO LIMIT game, the game is referred to by the size of the blind.

Inform how it is indicated who has the blind.


From the available betting options, which are ‘fold’, ‘check’, ‘bet’, ‘call’ or ‘raise’, which options are available to you depends on the action taken by the previous player. If nobody has made a bet, then the player gets to check or bet. If the player has bet, then the following players can either fold or call (match the bet amount of the previous player) or raise (increase the bet amount higher).

  • Pre-Flop Round

After the hole cards are seen by each of the players, every player now has the option to call or raise the big blind in the clockwise direction. The betting continues until all the layers have placed their bets in the pot.

  • Flop

Three cards, community cards, are dealt on the board. These are available to all the players in the hand. The active player bets, passing the action to the next player in clockwise direction.

  • TURN

With Turn, you get to see the 4th community card. Beginning with the active player, the betting rounds in clockwise direction.


The fifth round is called River, in which the final community card is distributed. Betting again happens in the clockwise direction.


If after the final betting round, there is more than one player left, then the last person to bet/raise shows their cards. The player with the best five- card hand rank wins the pot. In the event of identical hands, pot will be equally divided in both the players. After the pot is awarded, the game is ready for the new hand.