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How to play OMAHA?

Omaha is derived from Texas Hold’em, wherein each player has to deal with 4 private cards, called Hole cards. Additionally, 5 community cards are on the table. So, in Omaha, each of the players use 3 of the community cards and 2 of their hole cards, to make the best hand rank of 5 cards.

Rules of playing Omaha online:

In this game, the big blind is  as the small bet , and the small blind is ½ of the big blind. Here, every player is given 4 hole cards to deal with and the betting runs in the clockwise direction starting from the big blind.

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Betting Options:


After seeing the hole cards, each of the players now have to play their hand by raising the big blind. This action proceeds in the clockwise direction on the table, until all the active players have placed equal bets.

  • FLOP:

In the flop round, the first three cards are available to all the active players. Now the bets and raises occur in increments of the small bet.

  • TURN:

After the betting action is done for the flop round, turn is the 4th community card.

  • RIVER:

When the betting action is completed, fifth and the final community card is dealt face-up, one by one by each of the players in clockwise direction.


If after the final betting round, there is more than one player left, then the last person to bet/raise shows their cards. The player with the best five- card hand rank wins the pot.