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Tips to Beat Your Friends at Poker Game

With the super-easy website flow, PokerBuddy365 is surely the best Indian Poker game online for friends and family to have fun together. 

Step1: Open the website

Step2: Login/ Signup


One can not play the game, until they have Logged in. If the person has not logged in, they can still choose to see various tables, and watch the other people playing, but they can not play themselves. If you are an already registered member, then enter your username and password.


To sign-up, you need to enter the Email Id and Mobile Number, on which you want to receive the OTP. The OTP, sent thereafter, is entered into the box and the signup is completed this way. 


  • After Sign-up/login is done, you may click the deposit chips button. Without depositing the chips, entering into any table is not possible. 
  • Only if you are Verified, you will be redirected to the website for gameplay, where you can see your account information. To be verified, you need to submit your PAN card and Address Proof, to complete the KYC process. As soon as the KYC information is added by the player, our customer care will communicate manually to re confirm the data. 
  • Once the verification is done, the player is shown/ marked Verified. It is only after this that a player is allowed to deposit or withdraw any amount at the site. 

[NOTE: Verification is also done to restrict the players hailing from states where the game genre is banned.]

Step 4: 

The account tab displays your achievements, the amount of chips available and the number of virtual chips you own. 

  • VIP level: There are different levels of VIP membership that hold different benefits. For eg. A Bronze VIP member gets 250 entry coins each consecutive day, a Golden VIP member gets 500 entry coins, etc. The level is decided by the number of VIP points you hold. 
  • Locked Bonus: Whenever a person does a Login and if he/she is verified (KYC is done and accepted), he/she can deposit any amount to be able to play. For Eg, if the user deposits 100 chips, those 100 chips become 100 locked bonus. Now you may play using this locked bonus. The user will be able to withdraw the real cash (i.e. the locked bonus), only if you own a certain VIP level (i.e. Only if the user has certain VIP points to be able to withdraw). 
  • Instant Bonus: Instant Bonus is credited to your account means that you have instant access to this amount and it can be used to play. This amount can not be withdrawn, but can only be used in the game. The amount you win over the instant bonus can be eligible for withdrawal. 
  • Total Available Chips: The total available chips is the sum of all the amount you have in your game account, that can be used to play the game. But this is not the amount that will be eligible for withdrawal. 

Total Withdrawal Amount = Total Available Chips – Instant Bonus

Step 5:

Profile Tab

If you are a New User, you will have to fill in the form and your PAN card details and submit. After the submission, you will receive an Email and a call from our KYC Expert, to verify the details. 

If you are an Existing/Verified User, can change the password, change the mobile number or Email.

Step 6:

Deposit Chips/ Withdrawal Chips

  • If you are not verified, then you will get this pop-up window asking you to inform the status of your verification request. (Non-Verified users can not withdraw or deposit chips.)
  • If you are Verified, then this your screen will show:

Step 7:

Transaction History

This will show the previous transactions that you have done.

Step 8:

Locked Bonus

This will be showing your VIP Level, VIP Points and a complete detail of every transaction or claim on locked bonus. 

Step 9:

How to play?

  • IOS Mobile App

Clicking on this will download the application on your IOS Device.  

  • Android Mobile App

Clicking here will download an “.apk” file to your phone/desktop. Open this file and click “accept” on the pop-up of the unknown source notification and start installing. 

  • Instant Play On Browser

Clicking this button, you will be able to play instantly on the same mobile/ desktop browser. You will be able to see this screen:

You may choose from the existing table. Just double click on the table tab and enter the table’s password. 

  • There will be a list of tables in both the games we facilitate, i.e. Texas Holdem and Omaha. 
  • You may select the table and enter the password for the same. 
  • You are all set to play.